Vital statistics
Title Pakku
Gender Male
Race Water Tribe
Status Waterbending instructor
Location Northern Water Tribe
Pakku is a powerful Waterbending master who was born in the Northern Water Tribe. He only teaches Waterbending to male students (Northern tradition), but he made an exception for Katara when he found out she was his granddaughter. Pakku is also member if the Order of the White Lotus, a special group of skilled and mighty benders of the four nations. Being member of this order, he participated in the Liberation of Ba Sing Se in the end of the War started by the Fire Nation. Pakku also taught Aang when Aang, Katara, and Sokka came to the Northern Water Tribe. Aang was stubborn and refused to learn Waterbending from the master because he could not learn it with Katara. After Aang tried to show Waterbending moves that he learned from Pakku to Katara, he was banned from being taught by Pakku. In the end, Aang convinced Pakku to teach Katara and him.